The Impact Of Brexit On Weddings

There are a lot of factors that impact weddings from what the bride and groom want to their budget. The economic and political atmosphere of the country is often viewed as less important when it comes to weddings. However, Brexit is different and has affected every aspect of life in the UK including weddings.

The Impact Of The Pound

Since the referendum, the Pound has been up and down against other currencies. This might not seem like something that will affect a wedding, but it can if it is a destination wedding. A lot of British couples consider getting married outside of the UK.

While this is still possible, the costs of these weddings are increasing. The budget that would have worked before the referendum might now be too small for the wedding. Currency conversion has to be taken into account and the Pound is no longer as strong as it once was.

The Rise Of The English Wedding

With destination weddings becoming more expensive, more couples are looking to get married in the UK. Many experts feel that this will lead to a rise in the traditional English wedding. This includes traditions and trends that are more English focused and less European.

Destination weddings will also take place around the United Kingdom instead of abroad. This could result in a wedding tourism drive to certain parts of the country such as the Peak District and the Lake District. Wales and Scotland might also see an increase in destination weddings and UK couples looking for something different, but within the country and their budget.

The Impact On Overall Costs

It is not only destination weddings being affected by the fluctuating value of the Pound. All weddings that rely on products which are imported could face an increase in costs. The weaker Pound results in imported goods costing more and this increased cost will trickle down to the consumer. Of course, there are many businesses that are currently trying to absorb the increased costs, but this is likely to change in the future.

As the overall costs of importing good, particularly from Europe, increases, there is a chance that wedding vendors and couples will look further abroad. Instead of getting flowers from the Netherlands, it is possible that vendors will look to South Africa instead. Others might turn to British flowers and goods which are Made in Britain. Of course, there will be some couples who are still happy to pay the higher costs for their imported items.

Venues Could Be Harder To Book

An impact of Brexit that many do not consider is the fact that the weaker Pound has made the UK more attractive to foreign couples looking for a destination wedding. This could result in more popular venues being booked farther in advance making it harder for UK couples.

Brexit has impacted most parts of life in the UK and weddings are no different. The primary impact comes from the weakened Pound which increases the costs of destination weddings and imported goods.

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